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When my first baby arrived on the scene in October 2016 I fell into the trap of buying heaps of stuff. I was in my mid 30’s and so used to managing my life yet all of a sudden this tiny human arrives and throws everything up in the air. Needless to say, I didn’t need or use 90% of the stuff I cluttered my life with but at the time I was convinced I absolutely would need. Leaving the house in those first few weeks was daunting. Did I have a change mat, nappies, wipes, burp cloth, carrier, other style of carrier incase carrier 1 evaporated into thin air and let’s not discuss that nose unblocking tool…. Don’t forget swaddles, nipple pads, maternity pads and 5 changes of clothes for baby because I hadn’t been outside all day and couldn’t tell what the weather was like. All the while my head was in a fog and my back ached from my weakened stomach muscles and carrying around all the stuff I thought i needed.

I wish I had known back then what I know now. How much more enjoyable those early weeks are when you keep things simple. When you do away with all the stuff. When it’s just you, baby and the bare essentials.

I wished I had known about the ring sling. Truth be told, I discovered it in 2018, too late for my toddler but just in time for my beautiful baby girl born in November 2018. I’d heard about people becoming emotionally attached to a baby carrier, I always found that cute. Cute and a little weird. I can now say honestly that the ring sling changed my life and I have a whole new appreciation for how something so simple can have a lasting effect on your emotional state.

You see, the ring sling let me cut down on all that stuff. The burden of things that you might need but probably won’t. Like a swaddle, blanket, extra clothes, burping cloth, pram cover or nursing cover. I have never once even considered leaving the house with these things this time around. I also look back and think how awkward I used to feel with my stretchy wrap, trying to origami myself into 5m of fabric without it touching the floor or sweltering through 3 layers of spandex in the peak of summer. How disappointed I was when my baby reached 8kgs and was just too heavy for the bouncy fabric just as I’d become a master of origami.

How did I discover this piece of linen attached to 2 rings that changed my life? It’s all a blur now but I imagine I was up late at night, pregnancy insomnia getting the better of me, flicking through pages of stuff (again) that maybe I would need but deep down I knew I wouldn’t and probably cursing myself for having thrown away all this junk because maybe I would need it this time (but probably wouldn’t). Suddenly an email appears, the owner of a small, family owned linen factory wants to talk to me about linen. “Summer is coming” she says, like a reverse game of thrones. “Baby is coming”, I think to myself. “We can make ring slings together” she adds, and there I was, googling “ring sling” at 3am and discovering a whole secret world I never knew existed. And somehow, amongst the daze of sleepless nights, a toddler and two jobs, countless samples, design changes and colour variations we have our winner. The perfect sling. Not too long, not too short, not too wide, not too narrow, not scratchy, not too stiff, not too thin, not too thick. Nothing fancy or complicated and no pockets to hold things you just don’t need. Just a beautiful piece of woven linen and 2 perfect sized rings.

They started selling before I’d even gotten to use one myself and then summer approached and the weather got hotter and hotter. The hottest summer on record and Australian parents were discovering linen ring slings out of pure desperation. At 8 months pregnant, I realised I needed to master the sling ASAP so I hired a baby-wearing educator to make an instructional video to show parents (and me) how to use a ring sling. Like the stretchy wrap, it seemed difficult until attempt #3 in front of the mirror, and just like that, with a 4 day old baby I was ready to sling.

Fast forward 5 months and this is where we are now. Kiki and me. Getting out and about and enjoying our time together without all the stuff. (Except that, if i’m really honest, most days I still leave the house with 2 baby carriers 😉

I’m not promising that this carrier will change your life. There’s a small chance it will join the pile of things you never got around to using, I really hope not and if you purchase one and feel too daunted to use it I hope you will reach out to us so we can support you. I sincerely want you to discover the freedom to leave the house with less and I 100% want you to get the absolute most out of this carrier. In fact, I can’t wait for you to try it and join the parents who’ve emailed, PM’d and DM’d us to say what I already know, that this carrier has changed things for the better.

If you haven’t already seen it, we highly recommend the instructional video by Brooke Maree, you can watch it here.  And if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You  can email us anytime and we’ll phone or face-time you at a time that suits you. After all, we’re just a couple of mamas breastfeeding in-front of our laptops and sticking courier labels on boxes : )

These beautiful linen ring-slings are available in our shop for $89, we ship them express, worldwide for free.

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