Terms Conditions

The use of soft, structured infant carriers (such as our Luxury Leather Carrier) for babies under four (4) months of age is controversial. Whilst it is natural and soothing to carry your baby close to your chest, there is a risk of suffocation or injury, particularly in newborns. The ACCC has published safety information for infant carriers that can be found here. You agree to read and consider this information carefully before purchasing. It is important to ensure that you can see your baby’s face at all times. It is safest for your baby to have their head to the side. Ensure your baby’s airways are free of obstruction and the chin is elevated from the chest. Keep the straps tight enough to support your baby’s back but loose enough not to squash your baby. To avoid the risk of hip dysplasia, the international hip dysplasia society recommends a frog leg posture where your baby’s legs are spread and their hips well supported in the seat. For more information on hip health in babies click here. By purchasing a carrier from Leather Baby Co you agree to the following; The wearer will be responsible at all times for the safe use of the carrier including, but not limited to, checking the attachments are functional and well attached, that the straps are well adjusted to suit the wearer and the baby and the materials and stitching is in good order. The wearer will not run, jump or bend in the carrier or engage in any physical activity that could put strain on the carrier or cause risk of fall. If you are purchasing this carrier as a gift, you agree to inform the wearer of the safety information and pass on all safety brochures and instruction manuals. Each carrier is inspected closely however you should check your carrier prior to each use and should you suspect your carrier to be faulty or damaged DO NOT USE THE CARRIER. Instead, you should contact Leather Baby Co immediately to report a suspected fault and to organise warranty repair/ replacement. Leather Baby Co carriers have not been tested in infants under 3.5 kilograms or over 10 kilograms. Carriers should not be used outside of the weight range indicated on your safety label. Our leather carriers are not appropriate for premature babies, babies with breathing difficulties or physical illness or injury. Wrap carriers should only be used with premature babies at the direction of a suitably qualified healthcare professional. Leather Baby Co is an Australian, Proprietary Limited company. If you are purchasing this item from our online store for use outside of Australia it is your responsibility to check your local laws and regulations around the use of baby carriers. We know you’re smart and this goes without saying BUT…. Always follow the safety instructions on the label including the care instructions and ensure you are fit to carry the weight of your child. Leather Baby Co does not accept responsibility for any physical injury sustained through the use of our carriers.