About Us

At Leather Baby Co, we refused to let parenthood be the death of style, so we designed our luxurious leather carriers especially for stylish parents.

We choose to work with organic materials like cotton, bamboo, wool and leather. Not only are they stylish and easy to clean but these materials breathe and conform to the body making them more comfortable, especially when worn over time.

Our non-toxic, vegetable tanned and dyed leather is sturdy and robust, yet soft enough to be flexible. We use leather that is ethically sourced, a bi-product of the beef industry and use only non toxic tanners and dyes. Each piece of leather takes months to produce by hand with traditional methods that have been passed down over generations. We work with highly skilled leatherworkers and ensure they are well paid and enjoy safe and fair working conditions.

The shape of our leather baby carriers is designed to distribute weight evenly across the back and hips reducing the need for bulky padding  and making it possible to wear a jacket or coat comfortably over your carrier.

All of our carriers ergonomically support baby’s hips and back and come in breathable, organic materials. Our Audrey carrier is compatible with the Ergo EasySnug Infant Insert and The Bae has a build in newborn swaddle allowing you to carry your baby from birth.Most importantly, our carriers are made to conform to international safety standards, are free from nasties such as lead and phthalates and are independently tested.